Ancestral Style Gods Eye for Protection

My first attempt at making a God’s eye. My grandmother had a huge one in our house when I was a little girl. Recently, I got the inspiration to make one. With this one I used wool made by the Navajo and two twigs from an Arizona sycamore. Approx 4 x 4 inches. $20. Custom […]

Small Business Marketing Training

In this training we will teach you the simplest, most effective, time efficient, internet and in-person marketing strategies for your small business. No experience necessary. You will learn: How to create a website Internet marketing Search engine optimization How to create a business card In-person marketing strategies Successful business tips …and the number one thing […]

Calling all Massage Therapists! Learn how to do a Soul Retrieval Massage and Permanently Heal your clients Pain!

This ancient technique has been used by healers, medicine men and women and shamans and in the holistic healing field for a very long time… and you are just finding out about it!!!! If you already have your Massage Therapy training and license then you can learn how to incorporate the amazing power of healing […]