It’s coming! Can you feel it? 

I’m talking about something so big that it will change your beliefs. All that old programming and fear based conditioning is coming to an end. The road ahead is paved with only love, abundance, caring, appreciation, responsibility, respect, joy, laughter, freedom, gratitude, and you doing only what you love. There’s no turning back now. Go […]

Tarantula Animal Messages

Hiking a small hill near Sacred Mountain, I came across a tarantula slowly making its way around. I stopped to say hi and it stopped and turned toward me as if to say hello, then sfter a short moment it turned and continued on its path. The message of tarantula is so perfectly symbolic of […]

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil from Young Living

I just discovered this! If you havent yet tried it, you must… Sacred Mountain Essential Oil Provides the Strength and Protection of  Mother Nature… Sacred Mountain Essential Oil is a spiritual oil blend that creates a feeling of security and protection. Use it for bring awareness to consciousness on a personal or global level. The conifer oils used in […]

Woman Arising Event November 10-12 2017 Sedona AZ

November 10-12 2017 Sedona, AZ Take Advantage of our Special Fall Pricing $295.00 Until October 1st. $360. at the Door. SIGN UP NOW I am honored to be a guest speaker and ceremony leader at this event! -Rebekah Two Moons Join us for Women Arising 2017 in beautiful Sedona, Arizona for a wonderful weekend of initiation into the deep, divine […]

Praying Mantis and Wasp Medicine

Just watched this praying mantis catch this wasp and eat it from the head down. It seems the praying mantis needed some wasp medicine! Praying Mantis Message… Make prayer and meditation part of your daily regimen. Listen to your instincts as to when to move forward. Wasp message says what ever task in front of […]