Before the Session

What happens before you even begin your first session?

For your records, it is a good business practice to fill out a new client information sheet before your first meeting, once you have your first client scheduled. You can find an example copy of the client information sheet in the Student Lounge under Forms.

Get Prepared!

Print any worksheets for exercises that you may use and have a pen and paper for taking notes ready.
Create the Space: Creating a peaceful space before your client arrives is ideal, unless you are meeting in public. Turn off your cell phone and any electronics that may interrupt. Also, make sure you have the appropriate lighting for the type of session or exercise you will be using. Be sure you are emotionally present and ready to listen.


Thank your client for giving you the opportunity to be their coach.
Explain what coaching is and is not.
Tell the client what they can expect: Tell client how long it will be, where it will be, let them know you will help them find answers, take initial steps, and create an action plan for moving forward.


Let them know that everything discussed is completely confidential, and will not be shared with anyone without their consent. This is very important because it will allow your client to share more information with you.

One Minute Meditation

Before every session, it is a good practice to do this one-minute meditation. It allows you and your client to release all that has happened that day so far and can help you or your client refocus from what they may still have to do. This allows you to become centered and present in this moment. Sometimes there is something they need to just get off their chest before they can relax enough to begin. Ask them if there is anything they would like to get out first, let that happen, then you will be able to move forward with the session with much greater ease.

Begin the session by centering yourself and asking your client to do the same. Work to focus on breathing and consciously fall into a more present and relaxed state. Release and become aware of the current moment. If needed you may encourage your client to take their time and let you know when they are ready to begin the session.

Start the Session

Ask your client what they would like to focus on today. It is very important to have a specific topic to work on before you begin. Once an intention is set, you can begin your work.