What to do when someone triggers you…

A new awareness around being triggered…

  1. Become aware when you are being triggered.
  2. Put a name on it. Label it.
  3. How am I being like this to others or what can I learn from this?
  4. Own it, take responsibility and work through it.

In the past, when someone would do or say something that upset me or made me feel anxiety, fear, unheard, unseen, angry or frustrated, I would react and complain or get defensive.

Now that I better understand the concept of me creating my own reality and other people are just mirrors and reflections of me, I can take ownership and responsibility for my emotions.

They are ultimately there to help me learn, grow, and have a better understanding.

Now, instead of getting all pumped up when something like this happens, I just breathe and notice how I feel. So essentially, I am bringing awareness to the moment.

Then I have the opportunity to either give my power away or keep it, react or respond. If I react to the situation with anger, fear, or whatever, then I am giving my power away. This could cause an argument or power struggle. This is the part of my ego who feels hurt and only wants to be right, to be seen, heard, noticed, appreciated and so on.

Alternatively, if I look at it and call it out (gently), then I am responding to it. In this way I am able to feel the emotion run through my body yet remain calm and collected. No need to become defensive. This does not mean to become passive either. It’s just a neutral, safe place to stay in during the growth process.

Next I go within myself to see where I might be doing that to others. Usually it not so easily discovered but if I look deep enough, and am willing to accept the idea that I may be doing that to others, then my ego is exposed and the beauty of it is revealed!

The next step is to work with it as I move forward. Be gentle with myself as I practice the new way of responding.

There are many different aspects and situations that can come from this concept and I look forward to the challenge!

Canoe in the Carpet

So at this meeting today, a few of us gathered around a beautiful rug to do a golden light meditation. I could help but notice this particular pattern in the rug. It looks like people in a canoe. LOL

So the message I got was there is or will be some movement happening soon. It will involve others or be assisted by others moving toward the same goal. Just recently, I switched my thinking from, “I can do it by myself,” to “I need help from others.” Maybe this a confirmation of that. 🙂

The Reason I got back on Facebook… 

As you may know… last September 2016, I decided to delete my Facebook account. It was for more than the reasons I listed. About two years ago I started receiving messages from what I call “The Ancestors.” The Ancestors, to me, are of any past relation of Native American descent. They recently told me to get off of all social media, that it was changing us. See article below…

The Reason I Deleted my Facebook Account

Then in July 2017, I started to realize that I was missing many opportunities to…

  • Promote the new launch of EMSHA
  • Read articles from friends
  • Get notified about local events
  • Connect with family
  • Connect with the community
  • Be the change Facebook needs
  • and more.

So why did I ever got off in the first place? I became lost in the newsfeed, drowning in fear generated by negative posts, afraid of being judged, poor me’s, inauthenticity and political hype.

New guidance to get back on… Now I will look at it from a new perspective and a higher vibration. Not coming from a place of judgment, ego and needing to be noticed and accepted in society, but rather from a place of passion, responsibility, and purpose. To have fun, play, enjoy and to not take everything so seriously!

And why I am getting back on? I am going back on Facebook to be a beacon of light, to spread positive energy and share my passion and teachings. To help raise the vibration and create a more peaceful place to carry out my earthwalk.

So now I look forward to this new journey, connecting with old friends and having fun! https://www.facebook.com/rebekah.simpson.731

Bell Trail Petroglyphs

Went on a hike with a group from work. Me and another staff took the wrong trail and ended up seeing these amazing petroglyphs, ruins and pottery. Glad we got lost LOL. So at the sign about three miles in… go to the right. If you go to the left you will end up at a really awesome swimming hole called “The Crack.”

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Rock Art Ranch ~ Arizona Ancestral History Tour

We recently had the opportunity to stay at the Rock Art Ranch in Joseph City near Winslow Arizona. Brantly Barid and family were amazingly loving and humble hosts. I didn’t want to leave! So many awesome things to see… the museum, the kivas and pit houses, Chevelon canyon with some of the most amazing petroglyphs I have ever seen, old hogans, pottery, arrowheads, mind blowing sunsets and an abundance of wildlife. This is a history lovers paradise! Such a peaceful place to be. Enjoy…
Contact Info: 928.288.3260 Facebook TripAdvisor

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Mini Medicine Bag with Dine’ Cedar

Medicine bag with cedar for protection$20. Mini Medicine Bag

This past weekend we had the honor of staying with a lovely Dine’ (Navajo) family in Tuba City. The annual fall festival and fair was going on and I found a nice piece of scrap brain tanned deer leather at one of the vendors. I’ve been making mini Medicine bags out if it and filling them with this cedar that was given to us by one of the elders who was a Yebiche dancer and medicine man. Cedar is used for smudging and protection. Custom orders available. SOLD

The Reason I Deleted my Facebook Account

delete-deactivate-facebookOn September 5th 2016 I decided to delete (not deactivate) my Facebook account. I had an account for several years and spent a lot of time scrolling through my news-feed. Some of it was useless information, some negative and some positive.

I found my self and others sitting at the dinner table giving it more attention than who was right in front of me. I saw mothers who would tell their children. “not now I’m busy” when the child was wanting attention. Its changing us slowly in many ways but  not in good ways.

I found myself addicted. Every time I sat down, had free time or was waiting, I logged in. Every time I went out to eat I checked in. All my pictures got posted and my friends got tagged. Not much for privacy eh?

I started to use Facebook for business but found that it really is not good for business. I would be posting a lot of really good information but it was doing nothing for my website search engine rankings. I should have been posting all this on my website. The other thing is it was doing nothing for my email database. So now instead of posting on Facebook, I post a blog that automatically sends an email to my followers. This is more personal anyway.

Once I deleted it, I didn’t tell anyone just to see how many of my hundreds of “friends” would notice. As expected, only a handful of them contacted me to see what happened…. Some of them were even inspired to delete theirs and asked for my help!

Then there is the, “abandoned me” affect. Some family members went into panic and though they had lost me forever. As if they would never see me again. I had to calm them and reassure them everything was okay and that I was still alive. I reminded them that they could come see me or I could come see them. We could call each other, or even still use an old method that is still around called email.

Friends text you… “I saw you deleted your Facebook, I’ll miss your posts!” My reply… No you wont! Because you can sign up for my blog. That’s where I will be sharing everything… www.walkashamanspath.com 🙂 Then they are like… “Nice!” And I got a few winking smiling faces.

Then here comes the final, “don’t go” … “But you will miss seeing all the pictures of your friends and family.” My thought is that when we do visit in person I can pull out my phone and scroll through the pics like the old days but without the huge photo album. But imagine, if y would have already see this on Facebook, then we wouldn’t have anything to catch up on or talk about.

It’s not the end of the world. There is life after Facebook.

Here’s the link I used to delete mine… click here then click on the highlighted “let us know” link. Keep in mind, there is a difference between deleting and deactivating.