Life Coaching – Take a Chance

Life Coaching - Take a ChanceAs I read this very slowly and thought about it carefully, I realized it is so true! It all starts with making a choice which also means making a decision. That’s the first step, then the next step is taking action. The action is the chance you will take. Really, any time we decide to take action on anything we are taking a chance. We do it all day and may not even realize it. But here we are talking about taking bigger chances and more action. Yes, your life will always keep changing, at least in small ways but if you take bigger chances your life will change in bigger ways. What chance are you willing to take to get better results?

Expect miracles, Rebekah J Simpson

Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?

FB_IMG_1465849397036You know you are here for a reason but you still play small. But why? Maybe you have always thought it was fear of success. What if it is not a fear of being successful but a fear of failure? Do you have unfinished projects? Or do you have great ideas but never take action? This is not a fear of success, but could quite possibly be a fear of failure. This most likely comes from your childhood. Once you learn what your old patters are you can recognize them and take a different approach. In just one life coaching session I can help you change this old pattern for good and you will be well on your way to achieving success.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

sedona shamanic journeyThe Shamanic Journey is a type of meditation exercised in order to receive guidance, answers, solutions, information, and visions from the spirit world. Most Shamanic cultures believe there are three primary Spirit Worlds, The Lower World, Upper World and Middle World.

The Lower World is the realm of nature, animals, trees, plants and rocks. Here lies the root of our deepest thoughts and emotions. This is where we meet and connect with our Power Animals. This type of vision is usually reached by some form of tunnel that leads into the earth. This is the the best place to start for beginners.

The Upper World is the spiritual realm that connects us with the universe, planets, stars, our ancestors, and ascended masters. Here we find our teachers and guides. This type of vision is usually reached by following a beam of light starting at your third eye and following it out into the universe. Some will climb through the inside of a very tall tree or ladder. The Upper World can often seem very ethereal and can appear to be very bright and can go from light pastels to a soft gray.

The Middle World is the place where we live and breathe. This world overlaps the world of the seen with the unseen and the dream world. This is where we can travel back and forth through time. Here we can also look for lost or stolen objects, perform long distance healing work and to find the souls of the recently deceased in order to help them cross over into the afterlife. This is also a good place to have a conversation with someone like a co-worker, friend, or family member to discuss matters. You can reunite with an old friend or communicate with someone who has already crossed over. In the Middle World we communicate with the Spirit that lives in all things. This is where the Shaman becomes the medium between the spiritual and physical worlds. This type of vision can easily reached by a simple walk in nature or passing through a doorway.

Reaching an Altered State of Consciousness
The constant beat of the drum or shaking a rattle are the most common tools used to assist us in a successful Shamanic Journey. Studies have shown that this continuous rhythm affects our brain in such a way that allows us to more easily experience a vision.

The Helping Spirits
The helping Spirits are the guides of the Shaman and can assist us in the healing of individuals, the community and Mother Earth. The most common types of Spirits who work in partnership with the Shaman are the animals, the plants and trees, the elements such as wind, the stone and mineral kingdom and humans who appear as teachers.

The Spirits who appear as animals are more commonly known as Power Animals or Animal Spirit Guides. They provide us with strength, protection and support.

The Plant and Tree Spirits can provide help with very specific issues. Shamans and Medicine People have been using the help of the Plant and Tree people since the beginning of time for healing.

The Spirits that appear to us in human form are usually messengers and can act as intermediaries between us and the universe. They have compassion for our pain, confusion and suffering, therefore they gladly volunteer their help.

Ten Day Brain Gut Cleanse

healthy digestive systemWHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS CLEANSE?

Whatever your struggles may be, whether you’re facing depression, anxiety, psychosis or addiction, it’s not in your head. Mental symptoms reflect an underlying biological imbalance in the body. Rather than just masking symptoms, the cleanse addresses the root cause of psychological suffering to heal your body and mind.

This cleanse specifically addresses the gut-brain connection. We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat” – yet it is still shocking to realize how much dietary choices directly influence mood and behavior. It may seem hard to believe how the food I eat can affect my thoughts and feelings.

In fact, the gut has been called the Second Brain. There are over 100 million neurons (nerve cells) in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract that communicates directly with the brain via the nervous system, the immune system, and hormones. Over 90% of our serotonin, the “happy” hormone that regulates our mood is produced in the gut. You can begin to see how restoring health to the gut directly improves your mental and emotional well-being.


It may come as another surprise that there are over 100 billion organisms living in your body.

These foreign cells consist mostly of bacteria and fungi and they outnumber our own cells by a ratio of 10 to 1. Together these organisms are known as the microbiome – a kind of mini ecosystem that exists within us all.

Not all bacteria are bad for us,  many of these organisms are “friendly” bacteria and they are actually essential to life. A healthy microbiome supplies you with critical vitamins, helps destroys pathogens, keeps the immune system healthy, and regulates weight and metabolism. However, when we eat a diet full of sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods, we feed the bad bacteria, which take over the gut from the good guys. A troubled intestine sends signals to the brain: bacteria are actually capable of releasing neurotransmitters that make us feel stressed or depressed.

The good news is that the Cleanse can jumpstart your system, killing off the bad bacteria and restoring balance to the gut-brain. A healthy gut will alleviate anxiety, depression, cravings and you will also have more energy and a stronger immune system.


Probiotic drink: 1/4 tsp Pro-biotic powder mix with water.

Smoothie: Powdered blend of amino acids including Glycine, NAC, Glutamine, and Carnitine, Bee Pollen, Lethicin, Colosterum and Alpha Lipoic Acid, Mixed frozen berries, Coconut water, Potato Starch, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Primal defense probiotic and Stevia.


Probiotic drink (1/4 tsp Probiotic powder) mix with water.


You can make your own ahead of time or purchase Bubbie’s brand fermented sauerkraut. Make sure to buy only Bubbie’s because their products are not in a vinegar base.

Squash-Jalapeno Soup

Butternut Squash Soup recipe: 1 squash, 1 roasted jalapeno, chicken stalk, coconut meat, salt. Cut squash into cubes and boil in good water or coconut water. Toss all ingredients in a blender and puree. Makes 4 servings (bowls).

Salad lettuce, cucumbers, olives, sauerkraut, tomatoes, peppers, seeds, and nuts.

Avoid: vinegar-based dressings. You can use olive oil or the following recipe: 2 parts olive oil, 1 part lemon juice, garlic powder, salt, pepper. You can put this in a jar and save it in the fridge for the duration of the cleanse. Lots of olive oil on your salad is very beneficial.

Use plenty of olive oil and sauerkraut on your salad. The olive oil has essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help your brain function optimally. The sauerkraut is a fermented food that has a high probiotic content that is highly bioavailable. Your body can absorb the probiotics easily.


Green juice: cucumber, cilantro, lemon, fennel, kale. Add potato starch and Bifido Factor to the Green Juice.

Shot: Ginger, turmeric, garlic and Lemon.

Probiotic drink (1/4 tsp Pro-biotic powder) mix with water.


Bone broth: When exceptionally hungry, ideally at least 15 before or after each meal you should have 1-2 bowls of bone broth. You may add salt, pepper, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, garlic powder, coconut oil, or potato starch to add flavor to the broth.

Coconut oil or cream: You should try to eat at least 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or cream every day. A nice way to ingest the coconut oil melt it in hot water and add lemon juice and it’s like a relaxing tea.

Water: Drink lots of water!


20 minute cardio

1 hour sauna

​Castor oil pack every other day

Colonic every other day

As the colon is cleansed, it pushes undigested waste through your system, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption. If waste remains in the body for too long, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. A clean colon from a colon detox allows undigested waste to pass easily through your system.


  • It is ideal not to snack in between meals, but if you are hungry you may have bone broth or coconut oil or coconut water as needed.
  • The first half of the cleanse is usually harder to get through then the second. This is because the die-off from the bad bacteria can be dramatic, and you may feel worse before you feel better.
  • If you have cravings during the cleanse, keep in mind that this is likely caused by the bad bacteria in the gut dying off. This is a good sign!
  • Drink plenty of water to flush your system. You can add lemon juice to your water for some flavor.
  • Coconut oil contains a lot of healthy calories that can alleviate any hunger pangs you may feel.
  • Try NOT to drink water with your meals (wait 15 minutes before and after) because it dilutes digestive enzymes. This is a good habit to keep after the cleanse.


This is a great detox program. Make sure you have everything you need and plenty of support. Some people even have a cleanse buddy. Someone to do it with them.


Rebekah Simpson August 4th 2015 Symptoms before cleanse: No motivation, symptoms of fibromyalgia, pain, inflammation and stiffness in hands, arms, feet, legs, neck and colon, foggy headed, sleeping a lot, yeast and bacterial infections, constipation. A few notes… Night of day 2: woke up with massive caffeine headache. Day 3: Everything cleared up. Pain free. Day 7: Lack of energy. I am so glad I did this cleanse, it has changed my life

Indian Vision – Chirapaq

This is the Andean language Quechua from South America… So beautiful.

Kayna punchau turonero
Sapallaypi waqaskani
Mana pipas q’awarillaskan
Kayna punchau turonero
Sapallaypi waqaskani
Mana pipas q’awarillaskan
Waqallarkani sapay
Llakillarkani sapay
Q’uyay mamayta
Waqallarkani sapay
Llakillarkani sapay
Q’uyay mamayta
Maypillaraq sunquchallay
Maypiñaraq ñawiruruy
Maytaq cuna Waqaysiwanchu
Maypillaraq sunquchallay
Maypiñaraq ñawiruruy
Maytaq cuna Waqaysiwanchu
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta
Kayna punchau turonero
Sapallaypi waqaskani
Mana pipas q’awarillaskan
Kayna punchau turonero
Sapallaypi waqaskani
Mana pipas q’awarillaskan
Waqallarkani sapay
Llakillarkani sapay
Q’uyay mamayta
Waqallarkani sapay
Llakillarkani sapay
Q’uyay mamayta
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta
Waqaysiwanchu ñawiy
Llakisiwanchu sunquy
Tayta mamayta

Lyrcs in English
Yesterday I was crying
as nobody saw me
I cried lonely
and I felt pain when I was
remembering my poor mother
Where is my heart?
where are my eyes?
They are already sad with me
Don’t cry with me
my eyes cry
my heart suffers when I’m
remembering my parents

Spiritual Diagnosis for Physical Ailments and Pain

The more I work with people, the more I discover that all their physical problems have a non-physical diagnosis. For example a friend of mine says she has a kidney infection. I remember her telling me the other day that she felt one coming on. I looked at my notes and explained to her that this particular problem stems from “bottled-up anger that hasn’t been dealt with.” She knew right away what it was. I offered a little bit of coaching for her and within ten minutes she knew what she had to do. Once she took the right action and released the anger, she healed instantly. I’m not sure it will be this easy for everyone, but this offers a good place to start!

What physical problems are you dealing with right now?

Acne: Refusing to like and accept yourself as you are
Addictions: Lack of self-love and avoiding to face your own fears
Aids: Guilt related to sex and/or sexuality
Alcoholism: Inability to accept yourself and/or your circumstances
Allergies: You or someone else is getting in between you and your own self power
Alzheimers Disease: Refusing to live your own life
Anorexia: Afraid of being rejected and lack of self-love
Anxiety: Refusing to live in the present
Arthritis: Lack of self-love and self-acceptance
Back Pain (Upper): Yearning for understanding
Back Pain (Middle): Overpowered by guilt
Back Pain (Lower): Financially instable
Baldness: Lack of trust in life and wanting to feel in control of every single aspect of your life
Blackheads: Anger outbursts
Blood Pressure (Low): Embracing a negative attitude to life
Blood Pressure (High): Accumulation of emotional problems
Bone Problems: Rebellion towards authority
Bowel Irregularities: Not wanting to let go and/or feeling stuck in a particular situation
Breast Problems (Left): Refusing to taking care and loving yourself
Breast Problems (Right): Over-protection and inability to love someone
Breathing Issues: Feeling unable to handle life
Bronchitis: Bad family environment
Bruises: A punishing attitude to oneself
Bulimia: Hating oneself
Burns: Unbearable anger
Cancer: Extreme hurt and/or grief possibly related to past experienced issues
Cholesterol: Inability to experiencing joy in life
Circulation (Blood): Feeling stuck and/or lacking ideas and positive emotions
Colds: Unable to handle too many things and/or issues
Cough: Feeling a deep need to make a point
Depression: Feeling hopeless
Diabetes: Yearning for something which is no more in your life
Diarrhea: Running away from someone and/or something
Dizziness: Being ungrounded and/or lack of focus
Ear Issues: Unwilling to hear
Elbow Issues: Not wanting to accept recent changes
Eye Cataracts: Unable to look eagerly towards the future
Eye Issues in Children: Closing their eyes to current family problems
Fainting: Not wanting to cope with current situation
Feet Issues: Not wanting to move forward
Feminine Issues: Conflict with feminine aspects of yourself
Fever: Anger
Fibroids: Feminine ego being hurt by partner
Finger Issues (Thumb): Feeling controlled and/or always worrying
Finger Issues (Index): Going against authority and/or guardian/parent
Flu: Too much negativityGas: Hidden concernsGrey Hair: Stress
Gum Issues: Unable to make one’s mind on important life issues
Hand Issues: Unable to handle things that should be dealt with
Headache: Criticising oneself
Heart Attack: Focusing on material aspects in life while enjoying nothing in the process
Heartburn: Being devoured by fear and feeling unable to go with life’s flow
Heart Issues: Dealing with life issues through anger
Hemorrhoids: Not wanting to move on
Hip Issues: Feeling unable to take important decisions
Impotence: Anger bottled up towards a past partner and/or harnessing sexual guilt
Indigestion: Anxiety related to a recent/current/upcoming event
Infection: Anger and/or irritation about a particular situation
Jaundice: Feeling or being prejudiced
Kidney Issues: Bottled-up anger that hasn’t been dealt with
Knee Issues: Unable to be flexible with own ideas
Leg Issues: Not wanting to move forward
Leukemia: Lack of excitement in life
Liver Issues: Resisting change
Lung Issues: Fearing life and feeling unworthy
Menopausal Issues: Feeling unwanted
Migraine: Fears related to sex and/or letting someone into your life all the while feeling pressured by someone
Nausea: Rejecting something
Neck Issues: Refusing to see another’s point of view
Overweight: Needing emotional support and protection due to insecurity
Pain: Guilt
PMS: Rejecting feminine aspects within yourself
Prostate Issues: Sexual guilt and/or pressure
Seizures: Wanting to run away from life
Shoulder Issues: Carrying other’s issues onto you
Sinus: Feeling irritable towards someone in particular
Skin Issues: Feeling threatened by someone
Slip Disk: Feeling lack of support from those around you
Sore Throat: Inability to express your true feelings about something/someone
Snoring: Feeling unable to move on from old patterns
Stomach Issues: Feeling malnourished
Stroke: Not being allowed to deal with own emotions
Teeth Issues: Unable to think through important decisions
Thyroid Issues: Feeling humiliated and/or repressed
Tumors: Drowning in remorse
Ulcers: Feeling you are not good enough
Urinary Issues: Anger
Varicose Veins: Being in a hateful/uncomfortable situation

Individual cases may very. This information is suggested causes only and is not a clinical diagnosis.

Horseback Riding in Sedona

horseback riding in sedonaEnjoy a magical horseback ride in Sedona with Meaghan, previously a successful professional trainer and rider of show horses for twenty plus years. Meaghan recently became a mother to two wonderful boys, Zac and Xavier. Her life then changed dramatically as she realized that she wanted to help create a better world for her children and future generations. Meaghan then took all of her gifts as a horse trainer, a Mother, an intuitive and an Energy Medicine practitioner/Reiki Master (Teacher) and combined them to help those that want to find wholeness and healing and to learn to live in their Hearts. Meaghan includes intention, ceremony, Horse Divination and Energy Medicine. In some cases, her horses act as her assistants and guides to create transformation for each individual’s personal journey. Meaghan is available to come to teach and train horses and their partners at their home or farm. Her methods encourage them to take their riding to higher levels of communication, understanding and effective partnership through Heart centeredness. Meaghan also enjoys teaching people how to strengthen their connection with nature and our Earth Mother. Contact Meaghan at Sedona Sacred Rocks