Animal Totem Readings

Rebekah Two Moons

Feel good now! Begin the healing and discovery process to create the life you want. Heal from years, even lineages of past trauma, guilt, pain, depression, fear, anger, anxiety and other negative aspects that block you from experiencing peace and balance in your life.  Learn who you are, your purpose and unique creative abilities. Working with Rebekah is safe, fun, educational, healing and empowering. Are you just starting your spiritual path? Need answers, direction or understanding? Rebekah has been helping people find healing, spiritual guidance and understanding since 2006.

Rebekah’s sessions may include…
Sacred Land Journeys, Sedona Vortex Tours, Sacred Southwest journeys, Ancestral Journeys, Shamanic Life Coaching, Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, Drum Healing, Animal Medicine Card Readings, Ancestral Teachings, Healing with Nature, Earth Lodge Ceremony, Smudging, Energy Clearing and Healing, Spiritual Diagnosis, New and Full Moon Ceremonies, Sedona Healing Retreats and Understand and heal genealogical memory (DNA memory).
Each session is different, customized and unique as each person is on a different path.