How to Conduct a Basic Life Coaching Session

How long should a session be?

Sessions can vary in timing depending on your coaching strategies. A session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours or more but the average session is about one hour. It’s best to be more organic about it though because each client will move along at the pace that best works for them.

Where do I conduct the session?

There are several ways to conduct a session. This kind of service can be done from anywhere, including by phone or Skype. In person sessions can be done at a local coffee shop, or other public settings although it is best to have a more private setting. Eventually, you could create an office space to do your sessions. You could also do your sessions at a local park out in nature.

7 Most Powerful Questions

There are 7 basic questions to conducting a successful Life Coaching session…

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. What have you done so far?
  4. What would it look like if you already had it?
  5. What may be stopping you?
  6. What could you do?
  7. When will you do it?

First Session

Thank your client for allowing you to be their coach.
Explain what coaching is and is not (skip this if you offered it in the free intro).
What to expect: Explain how long the session will be, where it will be, let your client know that you will help them find answers, take the first steps, and create an action plan.
Let them know that everything discussed is completely confidential, and will not be shared with anyone without their consent.

Start Session

Get centered, and ask them to initiate the session when they are ready.

Introduce the exercise you would like to use for the session or…

Ask first question

Listen from the heart

Listen for what’s not being said

Ask deeper questions

Use tools and exercises when necessary

Take notes

Acknowledge your client

Forward the action

Ask powerful requests

Ask for their commitment and willingness to follow through (explain what is expected of them and that they need to do their part).

Create a written action plan

Close the Session

Use the 1-10 scale. Ask your client, on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being not very satisfied and 10 being very satisfied, how would you rate our session today? If your client answers anything less than a 10, continue the session with asking your client, what would it take to bring this session to a 10? If it is less than a 10 it is usually because there is something more they need clarity on.
Ask your client, based on our session today, would you be willing to hire me as your Life Coach?

Give your new client two business cards, one for them and one for someone they know that may be interested in Life Coaching.

Ask your client if they would be willing to fill out an evaluation form if you offer one.

Thank them again for their time and willingness to take the first step.

Schedule follow-up session

Follow-up Session
It is always a good practice to have a follow-up session. This session should be included in the price of the original session. The follow-up session is just to check in with your client to see how they are doing with their action plan. The follow-up session should be scheduled sometime halfway in between your regular sessions.

Be clear on the time and date, where to meet or who will call who.
The follow-up session should only be about 10 to 15 minutes.
Ask them if they have any questions, if they are stuck or if they need direction.
At the end of the follow-up session, remind them of your next regular session if you scheduled one.

Next Session

Set up your next session. If you didn’t already, now would be a good time to do it. Be clear on the time and date and where to meet.