Introduction to becoming an Earth Medicine Practitioner

What is Earth Medicine?

Earth Medicine includes any form of holistic healing. Our unique course of Earth Medicine is mostly based on using the natural energies of the Earth and North American ancestral teachings and practices.

What does an Earth Medicine Practitioner do?

An Earth Medicine practitioner may practice several different techniques and healing modalities to assist their client in healing old wounds that keep them stuck in the past. Beliefs, experiences, and situations that keep them from living a purposeful life.

The Eight Step Process

We have combined the necessary steps performed to identify a diagnosis and how to treat it using the Eight Step Process. On step six is where we will be doing most of the work. There is a step by step process within step six that you will learn to easily and successfully help our client take their power back.

Important Notes:

In doing this work, you may find that you will learn as you go and each practitioner will have a slightly different way of performing their sessions. Not all will be the same. In this course, I will share everything that I have learned and what has worked for me and my clients. It is always changing but some of the core elements always stay the same. Take what you learn here and make it your own!

Make sure you are in a good space yourself before working with a client. It’s a good practice to clear your mind before going into a session. Become the “Hollow Bone.” I like to smudge before and after each session. This work is for those who are, for the most part, very positive and peaceful with others. We can absolutely not come from a place of fear-based thinking, anger or ego when doing this work.

This course is based on the belief that we are creating our own worlds. Then, when working with a client, you can begin to see how they have created everything in their awareness and identify where they have given their power away. The core healing technique that we use in this practice is called “Soul Retrieval.” The parts of the soul that were lost during some tragic event… where a piece of our soul left in order to protect itself while the body experienced the event. Sometimes, depending on how severe the impact was, that piece that left never fully returns back into the body. This is the part where we gave our power away. Now in searching for the missing piece, we will continue to create similar situations as opportunities to reclaim that power back and collapse the illusion.

You as a student are never expected to learn this work on your own. PLEASE reach out to me for any reason. There will be times when you get stuck! It’s perfectly normal. This work may bring up some deeply hidden fears, of your own. This work may test your reality. If you feel at all, fear, resistance, anger, stuck, self-doubt or uncertainty, then please reach out. Don’t let it stop your progress.

Take your time, be gentle with yourself, and enjoy. This work is really fun, powerful and exciting!