Keep it About the Client

As a new coach or practitioner, you may notice yourself naturally wanting to give advice, tell stories, or make suggestions. When you notice this, STOP! This is not your responsibility nor is it professional in this work. It’s not about you and your story. Now when you are not in session and for example out having tea later, then you can resume a normal conversation and share anything you want about yourself. But in session, please be mindful that you are there for them.

Here are some suggestions as to what you can do when you catch yourself doing this:

Pause in mid-sentence and suggest taking a moment to breathe and get re-centered. Say something like, “Wait, let’s refocus,” or, “Okay, let’s pause for a moment to get re-centered.” Now, remember the last thing they said and continue the session.

This concept is based on the core fundamentals of Life Coaching. For your understanding, I have included the topic, “How to Conduct a Basic Life Coaching Session.” Use it if you want in your practice. Additionally, throughout the course, you may also see some integration of coaching terms and concepts used. The reason is that coaching pairs well with and complements the Earth Medicine work. Again, use it as a part of your practice only if it resonates with you.