New Moon Ceremony

The new moon was regarded as a time to renew, release the old and set new goals. It is a time when the moon is at it’s darkest and rests for a short period in the void before it starts its waxing time to become bright a full again. This is a good time to go inward and look at what needs to be healed, released or forgiven. Also known as Grandmother moon to the ancestors, she reminds us to honor the feminine, nurturing and intuitive aspects of ourselves.

Preparation: Have a journal, pen, blanket, build a fire

Gather in a circle for smudge clearing and opening prayer

Pass the talking stick to the left. Participants may share their name and a little bit about themselves.

Have participants draw a circle on a sheet of paper, this represents their life. Have them write everything they want more of inside the circle and what they want less of outside the circle.

Now, have participants share a little bit about what their prayers are for releasing if they wish, then place the paper in the fire and everyone should be silent and hold space for the person until the paper is completely gone. Explain to them that it is good to let go of what we want and what we don’t want and that the fire is cleansing and the smoke carries our prayers and intentions to the Creator. (This time you don’t use the talking stick but go in the same direction.)

Shamanic Journey: (Have journals ready and get in a comfortable position)

Do a guided journey that will have the participants meet a spirit animal that will show them what may be blocking them from achieving their goals. Then show them what they need to do to reach their goals. (drum)

Journal: Write or draw pictures about your experience then wait quietly for everyone to finish. This one they keep.

Share Experience: Pass talking stick sunwise to share.

Reflect on goals: Walk a labyrinth or medicine wheel or just sit in silence with soft music playing.

Water Clearing: Another great thing to do is to submerge yourself underwater. This is the ultimate clearing.

Closing: Prayer of gratitude