Mini Medicine Bag with Dine’ Cedar

Medicine bag with cedar for protection$20. Mini Medicine Bag

This past weekend we had the honor of staying with a lovely Dine’ (Navajo) family in Tuba City. The annual fall festival and fair was going on and I found a nice piece of scrap brain tanned deer leather at one of the vendors. I’ve been making mini Medicine bags out if it and filling them with this cedar that was given to us by one of the elders who was a Yebiche dancer and medicine man. Cedar is used for smudging and protection.

Shamanic Journey and Drumming in the Tipi

sedona-shamanic-journey-drumming-in-the-tipiHey friends! Join us every Monday night at 7pm at a magical and beautiful place in Sedona for a fun and healing experience. Go on a guided journey to a sacred place where you will meet your animal spirit guides. Receive guidance and messages that will assist you on your life’s journey. Peaceful, relaxing, fun and healing. RSVP 928.583.4153. Donations lovingly appreciated.

rebekahs-alter-in-the-tipi sedona-sacred-rocks-tipi

The Reason I Deleted my Facebook Account

delete-deactivate-facebookOn September 5th 2016 I decided to delete (not deactivate) my Facebook account. I had an account for several years and spent a lot of time scrolling through my news-feed. Some of it was useless information, some negative and some positive.

I found my self and others sitting at the dinner table giving it more attention than who was right in front of me. I saw mothers who would tell their children. “not now I’m busy” when the child was wanting attention. Its changing us slowly in many ways but  not in good ways.

I found myself addicted. Every time I sat down, had free time or was waiting, I logged in. Every time I went out to eat I checked in. All my pictures got posted and my friends got tagged. Not much for privacy eh?

I started to use Facebook for business but found that it really is not good for business. I would be posting a lot of really good information but it was doing nothing for my website search engine rankings. I should have been posting all this on my website. The other thing is it was doing nothing for my email database. So now instead of posting on Facebook, I post a blog that automatically sends an email to my followers. This is more personal anyway.

Once I deleted it, I didn’t tell anyone just to see how many of my hundreds of “friends” would notice. As expected, only a handful of them contacted me to see what happened…. Some of them were even inspired to delete theirs and asked for my help!

Then there is the, “abandoned me” affect. Some family members went into panic and though they had lost me forever. As if they would never see me again. I had to calm them and reassure them everything was okay and that I was still alive. I reminded them that they could come see me or I could come see them. We could call each other, or even still use an old method that is still around called email.

Friends text you… “I saw you deleted your Facebook, I’ll miss your posts!” My reply… No you wont! Because you can sign up for my blog. That’s where I will be sharing everything… 🙂 Then they are like… “Nice!” And I got a few winking smiling faces.

Then here comes the final, “don’t go” … “But you will miss seeing all the pictures of your friends and family.” My thought is that when we do visit in person I can pull out my phone and scroll through the pics like the old days but without the huge photo album. But imagine, if y would have already see this on Facebook, then we wouldn’t have anything to catch up on or talk about.

It’s not the end of the world. There is life after Facebook.

Here’s the link I used to delete mine… click here then click on the highlighted “let us know” link. Keep in mind, there is a difference between deleting and deactivating.

Sedona Sacred Drum Healing and Shamanic Trainings September 22-26 2016

jim-and-sue-graywolfPeople have asked if Sue and I will be bringing a sacred drums healing ceremony to this retreat. Yes. Of course! Our big drum, Hoop of Many Colors, has been working with us as a healing drum for 7 years – from the heart of Stonehenge to Solebury to the Scottish coast to points all over the U.S. We will be working with Her and the other healing drums we have used from reservations to cities to mountain tops.
Jim has travelled around the globe for 35 years living with and learning from indigenous elders. He is gypsy – Italian – by birth and adopted by his Lakota family and Mayan family. He has also learned from Aborigine, Garifuna (African) and Celtic. Now he knows it is the time to share.

grandmother-drum-white-eagle-jim-and-sue-graywolf-in-sedonaOption 1: Sedona Sacred Drum Healing & Shamanic Trainings

Thursday, Sept. 22 – Fall Equinox
Retreat day at Kimberly Barrick’s ranch
Healing drum ceremony and clearing with Hoop of Many Colors
Shamanic teachings of several indigenous people
Special evening drumming and ceremony to welcome in the Equinox

20160922_1052160Friday, Sept. 23
Retreat day 2 at Kimberly Barrick’s
Hoop of Many Colors healing and rebirth ceremony
Shamanic medicine; Desert medicine; Sacred places

$123 per person for both days and ceremony
$33 per person for evening Equinox ceremony only
Limited space! – 23 people only for the two-day package

Option 2: Sacred Sedona Places, Teachings and Ceremonies

Saturday, Sept. 24
The Wisdom Lodge; Hike and Ceremony
Clearing and healing with drums and flutes
Pipe ceremony and the teachings of the Lodge area

Sunday, Sept. 25
The Birthing Cave with flutes and healing drum procedures to open new channels
Into the Birthing Cave; The Medicine Wheel; The Sacred Circle of Stones
Mayan rebirth ceremony at the medicine wheel

Monday, Sept. 26
Shaman’s Lodge and Dome
Hike in and time in the lodge
Medicine Animal Pipe atop the Dome
Healing procedures finish and inner balance
Aboriginal Dream Ceremony

$135 per person
Space limited – 23 people maximum

To reserve and pay for a space – go to
Hit any donate button and pay for the program(s) of your choice
Be sure to say which programs you are choosing when that box appears
or call Jim or Sue at 970-484-1286
or Kimberly Barrick at 928-301-8848
for more information


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Black Kettle Cheyenne Chief

Chief_Black_KettleChief Black Kettle (Cheyenne, Mo’ohtavetoo’o)(ca. 1803 – November 27, 1868) born to the Northern Só’taeo’o / Só’taétaneo’o band of the Northern Cheyennes in the Black Hills, later he married into the Wotápio / Wutapai band (one mixed Cheyenne-Kiowa band with Lakota-Sioux origin) of the Southern Cheyenne; after 1854 he was a prominent leader of the Southern Cheyenne, who led efforts to resist American settlement from Kansas and Colorado territories. He was a peacemaker who accepted treaties to protect his people. He was fired upon and killed by Union soldiers in 1868 during the Battle of Washita River.

Life Coaching – Take a Chance

Life Coaching - Take a ChanceAs I read this very slowly and thought about it carefully, I realized it is so true! It all starts with making a choice which also means making a decision. That’s the first step, then the next step is taking action. The action is the chance you will take. Really, any time we decide to take action on anything we are taking a chance. We do it all day and may not even realize it. But here we are talking about taking bigger chances and more action. Yes, your life will always keep changing, at least in small ways but if you take bigger chances your life will change in bigger ways. What chance are you willing to take to get better results?

Expect miracles, Rebekah J Simpson

Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?

FB_IMG_1465849397036You know you are here for a reason but you still play small. But why? Maybe you have always thought it was fear of success. What if it is not a fear of being successful but a fear of failure? Do you have unfinished projects? Or do you have great ideas but never take action? This is not a fear of success, but could quite possibly be a fear of failure. This most likely comes from your childhood. Once you learn what your old patters are you can recognize them and take a different approach. In just one life coaching session I can help you change this old pattern for good and you will be well on your way to achieving success.