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Hi Rebekah, Thank you so much For the beautiful day we spent with you.  My sisters and i enjoyed getting to know you on a personal level, as well as journeying with you on the spiritual.  The ceremony at the medicine wheel was very healing and BROUGHT to mind what we all needed to let go.  One sister already demonstrated that she was indeed able to move ahead  By the next day.  What an incredible experience for us all.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gifts as you guided us.  Edie

Edie Palmer October 2015

My son and his family (wife and two children) recently visit me (in Phoenix) from Copenhagen. During this visit we spent a few days in Sedona. I wanted to give them an experience of Sedona which would go much deeper than simply seeing the beauty with physical eyes. I wanted them to experience the deeper, inner beauty and power of this sacred land in ways which would touch their hearts and souls, leaving them in awe. Initially, I was at a loss to know how to do this. Then, as synchronicity would have it, I was led to Rebekah, who took them on a magical “tour” which my son later described as a “life-altering” experience.  My daughter-in-law said it transformed areas of her life which she had been struggling with for quite some time. Rebekah incorporated several ceremonies and activities which really drew my grandsons’ attention. The youngest child, who usually doesn’t open up to anyone besides his family, “fell in love” after the first hour and wanted to do everything possible to let her know he really liked and wanted to connect with her; my other grandson had an experience of this land in which he saw vivid colors surrounding one of the sites they visited, leaving him delightfully surprised and curious.  This was more than I could have ever imagined they’d receive, and I am deeply grateful to Rebekah and the person who put me in touch with her.

Honey L April 2015

I can highly recommend Rebekah having experienced for myself the wonderful guide and spiritual teacher. Rebekah is that rare mix of down to earth approachability, extensive knowledge combined with a quiet wisdom that flows from the heart in complete integrity. In love, light and flow Rebekah. -Judith, West Sussex, England

Judith October 2013

LOVE my beautiful friends. Blessed to have shared the most incredible day of wonder and adventure with you all!

Susan and Crew Feburary 2015

Hello Rebekah, My son’s had a wonderful experience and could not stop talking about how much they learned and they really enjoyed the rituals. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon. Jackie

Jackie March 2013

Hi Rebekah,
We would like to thank you from the depths of our hearts for the absolutely beautiful day we spent together in Sedona! It was perfect…both exactly what we wanted and what we didn’t even know we wanted…inspiring, affirming, cathartic, transformative! You captured the essence of each one of us perfectly and we each took away a true myriad of messages and teachings that we will hold sacred for evermore! We sincerely hope our paths meet again some day and we’d love to keep in touch. Thanks again! Namaste… Jennifer

Jennifer and Matt June 2013

Hi Rebekah,

I wanted to thank you for our incredible day trip. We enjoyed it immensely.

Mikelle July 2013

Thank you so much for your time on Wednesday; it was a fantastic experience! You have a beautiful, warrior, spirit! I am very excited for the next chapter in your life as I know you will find something amazing as you walk forward in life.  Love and Light, Cassandra July 2013

Cassandra July 2013

Rebekah is prompt, organized and tapped in. Her positive outlook, no nonsense manner and marketing skills helped launch my project quickly and efficiently.  Rebekah has embraced her truth and is a leader in a new way of being and teaching at this time. She walks her talk ~ I am extremely grateful that we crossed paths, then again there are no coincidences.” ~Lise G. Mar 1, 2010

Lise G. March 2010

Rebekah is a phenomenal life coach who brings an inspiring art to the craft. She is a patient listener who offers insights and guidance on ways to get through life’s bumps and bruises. I met Rebekah through Life Coach Vision and from the time we connected, I knew my life would be forever changed. Within three months, my life went from being stagnant and uneventful to flourishing beyond my wildest dreams. She made me realize my inner potential and made me understand that all of the answers I was searching for was hidden within. Through a step by step process, I was able to uncover me and change my life around and also enter the field of life coaching. She is a life coach on the rise and one to look out for. She is the next! Truly, Sherita Searcy March 2009

Sherita Searcy March 2009