Rights of Passage

A Rights of Passage is a term used to describe a coming of age ceremony and to honor a time in one’s life where they are ready to become an adult. This does not mean you let go of the child within, but to learn how to make decisions on your own without the help or co-dependency of parents, spouses or other authority figures. To become independent and find the courage to face your fears and challenges alone. Not that we don’t need help from others, but this teaches us how to find the strength within ourselves to overcome mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges on our own. Nature is the best teacher.

This ceremony is an overnight adventure held in nature. During this time you will be letting go of your past and seeking a vision that will show you what you must do now as you move forward through a new doorway in your life. The most common age for this ceremony is between 12 and 40, although this can be done at any time.