Intuitive Card Readings

sacred path card readings sedonaRebekah offers spiritual Life Coaching using the Sacred Path cards. This is not a psychic reading. These sessions include intuitive and divine guidance from your ancestors, spirit guides, and the unseens that may help you find real and practical direction, answers, solutions and purpose in your life. The messages received during the reading are always exactly what you are supposed to hear at this time.

Life Coaching can help you recognize and remove blocks that may be holding you back from living your purpose or prevent you from moving on. Rebekah uses several different card decks to help you find answers within yourself. She can help bring more insight and clarity to the situation or problem. Get clear on what direction to take and create a realistic action plan to move forward with your goals and ideas. Choose your deck…

Sacred Path Cards
The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings. The sacred path cards include Native teachings and animal guidance to help you find more direction and balance in your life.

Animal Medicine Cards
The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals. Let the animals be your guide, learn what they may be telling you about what you must do now.

Native Spirit Cards
The Native Spirit cards profoundly deepen your connection to the mysterious, natural forces around you.

Nature Speak Oracle Cards
Divine guidance through nature including different trees, landscapes, flowers, seasons and climate oracles.

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
Direct guidance inspired by the ancient Lakota ritual of healing and purification known as the sacred Inipi, or sweat lodge ceremony, which has existed in the Lakota culture for thousands of years. There are many other sacred teachings as well.

Each card reading is usually one hour and is offered in person and by phone. Contact Rebekah to schedule your session.