Full Moon Ceremony Sedona

sedona full moon drumming ceremonyThis is a beautiful Sunset Drumming Ceremony, Full Moon Hike and Meditation.

The full moon is all about honoring how far we have been, our accomplishments and expressing gratitude for all that we have. We would burn the sage and pray in this way. The full moon also represents a time of honoring and enjoying the rewards of our efforts and is a time when our dreams and goals begin to manifest and everything seems to fall into place.

We honor the full moon just as the indigenous ancestors once did. This is the time when Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon can both be seen in the sky are opposite of each other with Mother Earth in between.

This is where the locals go…
From Hwy 179 take Back O Beyond. Get there a little early, just at sunset and park in the Cathedral Rock trailhead parking lot. Hike up just a short way to a big flat area. Some of the things I like to bring are a blanket, sage, drum, and water.
I hope you have a powerful and beautiful experience. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Ceremony Sedona

  1. Julie Clark

    A group of us will be in Sedona this weekend during the full moon. Does this happen every night or a specific night of the week?

  2. Rebekah J Simpson

    Hi Julie, this only happens on the night of the full moon this Friday June 9th. Enjoy!

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