Sedona Shamanic Vortex Tour

sedona vortex tour

Imagine re-discovering your passion for life….

We travel to two of Sedona’s main vortex sites, one male, empowering, and uplifting, one female, calming, and nurturing. We teach you how they were created, and how to use them.

The male vortex is one of the best places to see several different rock formations and take great pictures. Here we do a Native American medicine wheel ceremony to give thanks for all that we have, and to show gratitude and appreciation for the animals, the four directions, the natural elements, Spirit, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all of nature. We drum and sing a special Native American song for forgiveness to release any fear, anger, and resentment that may be blocking you from feeling inner peace. After this ceremony you will feel more balanced and a deeper connection to nature. Some claim to feel a light tingling sensation. This is a result of raising your energy vibration of love.

sedona oak creek canyon Then we take a scenic drive to one of Sedona’s most relaxing female vortexes down by the calming and healing waters of Oak Creek. Here we do a releasing ceremony and meditation. We cast all of our burdens and worries into the water, and watch them float down the stream. Then we look upstream to fill ourselves with love, light and abundance. We do a smudge-sage clearing and blessing to cleanse our bodies, energies, and spirit. We also do a distant clearing to bless our families, friends, homes, workplaces, vehicles and travels. We set the intention of freedom and learn to use Eagle Medicine to light our path. Here we also discover your animal spirit guides and totem animals. We ask for guidance from them and receive powerful messages.

For couples, we teach you how to do couples reiki. This is a powerful energy balancing tool that will help strengthen your relationship and create better communication.

Next we show you a historical marker, the home site of the first settler in Oak Creek canyon (J.J. Thompson), and the old log cabin that still stands today.

Next we visit, “Grandmother Tree.” Grandmother tree is a very old and wise sycamore who insists that we let her transform our fears into courage by passing through her. She was used by ancient cultures as a portal to help us see through life’s illusion into what is real and true. Grandmother Tree says, “There is only light, love, and truth” please, let me show you the way. Being a female tree, she has two trunks, and grandfather tree, her mate stands close to her having only one trunk.

Learn the history and geology of the area, and how the local natives used different plants and vegetation for healing and medicinal purposes.

sedona vortex tour quailAlong the way we may see some native animals, we teach you what messages they bring to us and how their medicine can help us on our walk through life. The natives believed that when we see a particular animal or insect, they are offering us their “animal medicine.”

Rebekah is a true Arizona native who grew up in the Verde Valley and began studying and practicing Native American history, beliefs, and shamanism from a very young age. On her father’s side, she is Blackfoot and Crow, and on her mothers side, she is Seminole.

Release unwanted fear, anger, and resentment, and gain more inner peace, love, and balance. Reconnect with nature and remember the truth of who you really are. Also gain more insight and clarity on your life’s path.

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