Sedona Soul Retrieval

$120. (2 hours) Private sessions available in person and by phone.

Soul retrieval is based on the concept that we are creating our own reality. Once we can fully accept that and we take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, then we will begin to walk in a  world free from victimhood.

What is Soul Retrieval? Soul retrieval is the process of taking your power back from something, someone or some situation. It is a trauma release technique that can assist an individual in healing past trauma or negative beliefs. A soul retrieval happens when the lost part of the soul returns safely and completely back into the body and integrity are restored. This can be done with the help of an experienced facilitator who can walk between worlds and works with the helping spirits.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

  • Blocked memory
  • Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern)
  • Emotionally unavailable or withdrawn
  • Cannot receive or give love
  • Lack of motivation to live life or suicidal thoughts
  • Addictions
  • Clinical depression
  • Attachment
  • PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Feeling Guilt or shame
  • Lack of purpose
  • Prolonged grief
  • Anger and hatred
  • Negative beliefs (Example: everybody lies, people are stupid or i’m not good enough)

What causes soul loss? Soul loss occurs when there is a loss of personal power. This usually happens involuntarily and as a result damages the soul by the negative influence. Essentially, the soul will recognize when something traumatic is about to happen and it will leave the body in order to protect itself and maintain its integrity and it may not be able to return safely back into the body. Situations that may cause soul loss include:

  • Trauma
  • Prolonged Stress
  • An accident
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Extreme fear
  • Negative influence

If soul loss is left unresolved for long periods of time it can create very serious emotional, spiritual, mental and physical problems including severe panic attacks, illness and disease.

The Solution: Retrieve the parts of the soul that left during the traumatic experience, and welcome it safely back into the body. This is done through a soul retrieval. In many cases, a soul retrieval can be very successful with only one session. Depending on how long the situation has been left unresolved will determine how far it has spiraled out of control and into the many areas of one’s life. Like the ripple effect, when you throw a stone into the middle of a pond it will create many ripples that move outward. Eventually, when no stones are thrown, the pond will become still again. Soul loss is comparable to someone that keeps throwing stones into the pond, not allowing the pond to calm, creating chaos in one’s life. A soul retrieval will identify where the rock originally came from and correct it from that point. Then you can experience that peaceful stillness and balance once again in your life