Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey is a type of meditation exercised in order to receive guidance, answers, solutions, information, and visions from the spirit world. It is a guided meditation where you just relax and go on a spiritual journey. You will be guided on a fun and healing journey to Sacred Mountain to meet the Animal Spirits who are guiding you on your path at this time. Then they will take you on a journey to see or experience something your soul knows you need to experience to fulfill something within you. during this time I will be drumming at 180 BPM (beats per minute) Same as eagles heart. This allows you to go into a deep relaxation so you can have a good journey. Then you will be guided to visit one of your ancestors for a powerful message and gift. From here the animals take you back into Sacred Mountain where I will safely walk you out and return to the current time and space. Most people experience seeing multiple animals and receive a good message to carry our on their earth walk. It can be fun, simple, healing, validating and powerful.

Most Shamanic cultures believe there are three primary Spirit Worlds, The Lower World, Upper World and Middle World…

The Lower World is the realm of nature, animals, trees, plants and rocks. Here lies the root of our deepest thoughts and emotions. This is where we meet and connect with our Power Animals. This type of vision is usually reached by some form of tunnel that leads into the earth. This is the the best place to start for beginners.

The Upper World is the spiritual realm that connects us with the universe, planets, stars, our ancestors, and ascended masters. Here we find our teachers and guides. This type of vision is usually reached by following a beam of light starting at your third eye and following it out into the universe. Some will climb through the inside of a very tall tree or ladder. The Upper World can often seem very ethereal and can appear to be very bright and can go from light pastels to a soft gray.

The Middle World is the place where we live and breathe. This world overlaps the world of the seen with the unseen and the dream world. This is where we can travel back and forth through time. Here we can also look for lost or stolen objects, perform long distance healing work and to find the souls of the recently deceased in order to help them cross over into the afterlife. This is also a good place to have a conversation with someone like a co-worker, friend, or family member to discuss matters. You can reunite with an old friend or communicate with someone who has already crossed over. In the Middle World we communicate with the Spirit that lives in all things. This is where the Shaman becomes the medium between the spiritual and physical worlds. This type of vision can easily reached by a simple walk in nature or passing through a doorway.

Reaching an Altered State of Consciousness
The constant beat of the drum or shaking a rattle are the most common tools used to assist us in a successful Shamanic Journey. Studies have shown that this continuous rhythm affects our brain in such a way that allows us to more easily experience a vision.

The Helping Spirits
The helping Spirits are the guides of the Shaman and can assist us in the healing of individuals, the community and Mother Earth. The most common types of Spirits who work in partnership with the Shaman are the animals, the plants and trees, the elements such as wind, the stone and mineral kingdom and humans who appear as teachers.

The Spirits who appear as animals are more commonly known as Power Animals or Animal Spirit Guides. They provide us with strength, protection and support.

The Plant and Tree Spirits can provide help with very specific issues. Shamans and Medicine People have been using the help of the Plant and Tree people since the beginning of time for healing.

The Spirits that appear to us in human form are usually messengers and can act as intermediaries between us and the universe. They have compassion for our pain, confusion and suffering, therefore they gladly volunteer their help.

Preparation: Have your drum ready or someone can drum for you. Create a safe, comfortable and quiet place. Smudge and say an opening prayer to ask your guides to help.

Begin the journey: 

Get into a comfortable position… Now allow your eyes to close and begin by focusing your awareness on your breath… Breathing in and breathing out………………. Breathing in easily and effortlessly… Then breathing out slowly and softly… Each breath allows you to become more relaxed and comfortable… Outside sounds only allow you to go deeper inside…Remind yourself how good it is to leave the noise and stress of the outside world… Know that you are safe and in control of yourself… Journey into the quiet and peaceful space of your own inner world.

As you allow yourself to go deeper into a state of relaxation, perhaps you can remember a time when you stood before a pond or lake where it was quiet and peaceful. Imagine you tossed a pebble into the center and stood noticing the ripples spreading out, watching one ripple after another, flowing outward, farther and farther away from the point where the pebble landed. The ripples slow down, becoming farther apart until the water once again is calm and peaceful. I’m going to invite you now to imagine that your body is like that body of water. As you drop a pebble into the center of your body, you can feel waves of relaxation rippling out. Allow yourself to become more relaxed as these waves flow through your body. Through your torso, into your chest and your back and through your spine, spreading out into every muscle of your back. Through your shoulders and arms, up through your neck, your jaw, face, and scalp. Feel the ripples relax you as your muscles let go and become soft and loose. Feel the ripples of relaxation flowing down the bottom of your torso. Flowing through your abdomen and your pelvis. Down through your thighs, calves, ankles, and toes. Know that each time you drop a pebble into the center of your body you can become more relaxed.

Now that you are completely relaxed you are ready to begin your journey to Sacred Mountain to meet your animal spirit guides. Imagine yourself somewhere in nature… somewhere familiar to you, a safe place.

Now see yourself walking along a path and notice all the beauty around you, the trees, the grass, the mountains.

As you are heading toward Sacred Mountain… you begin to think about why you are going on this vision quest to seek answers, guidance and direction from the animals. This is the tradition of your ancestors and now it is your turn… sort of like a rights of passage.

As you look at the path ahead you realize how far you have gone already… Sacred Mountain is very close.  In the distance, standing at the base of the mountain, you see an animal guide there waiting for you. Get a good look at this animal as you approach. Notice how it is smiling at you…. grateful you have arrived.

This animal now begins to speak and explain to you that they are here to guide you through the entire experience, watching over you and keeping you safe. You reply with the same gratitude and appreciation.

Together you walk toward some large boulders then you see a cave like opening into the mountain. Your animal says, “This is the way into the mountain where you will meet with one of your ancestors and the rest of the animals that will be with you on your journey.”

As you enter the mountain…. the womb of Mother Earth… it starts to become very dark. The moist, earthy smell stimulates all of you senses. You notice in random places along the walls… there are beautiful clusters of crystals and gemstones… glittering and shining brightly… lighting up the way.

Up ahead you see a clearing… it’s like a whole new earth. Everything is much more alive. You notice how much more colorful the plants and trees are… the water, the sky. In the middle of this clearing you see an old human figure standing there to greet you. They are holding a beautifully hand wove blanket that they made just for you. This is one of your ancestors… get a good look at them. They bow to you in gratitude that you have come. Then they through out the blanket onto the ground… as it lands perfectly centered you look at the pattern woven carefully into the design.

You then look up at your ancestor in amazement and they smile and motion for you to sit on the blanket while you wait for the other animals to come. Without hesitation, you get comfortable and situated on the blanket and begin to look out into the distance. Your ancestor just stands near you as if they will be there to watch over you while you go off with the animals.

Now you call upon the animals that will come to guide you on your journey today… and one by one they begin to appear from the distance. Look at them as they come closer. What type of animal are they? You look closer and they are smiling, grateful to see you. Another appears, and another. Look at all of them… look into their eyes. Thank them for coming today to take you on this journey.

Now they motion for you to stand up and take their hand… and all together now, you walk off into the distance with them… knowing they will keep you safe. Trust that they will take you to wherever it is that you need to go… trusting that they will show you whatever it is that you need to see. You wont be gone long… so let go and enjoy the journey.

NOW BEGIN THE DRUMMING (10 to 30 minutes)

Now, wherever you are on your journey… get a good look around you… take in all the images… remembering everything easily and effortlessly.

You can feel that your journey with the animals is now starting to come to completion so you begin to make your way back to the place inside Sacred Mountain. Slowly and safely you make your way back… remembering everything.

As you arrive back inside the mountain with your animals, you see the blanket still there… you see your ancestor also waiting patiently for you to return. You sit softly on the blanket and look around you at the animals that you just made this amazing journey with. You also know that your time with them is coming to and end… for now. But before they go, they want to offer you a message and a gift. What could this be? You listen closely to the important message that they have for you as you receive the gift. You reach out your hands to receive the gift and the message.

You bow to them in appreciation for this gift and thank them for the important message they shared with you. They bow back and say their good-bye’s. They also want you to know that you can call upon them and that you may return at any time. Then one by one they begin to walk off into the distance… except for the one that came into the mountain with you… this one is still by your side. You notice that you are feeling a deep sense of gratitude as you watch the last one disappear. Now you turn and look to your ancestor as they say to you, “Now you know… now you are ready… take this knowledge and this gift and go back out into the world… and live a good, long life.”

Your ancestor then picks up the blanket and drapes it over your shoulders… now motioning for you to begin your way back out of the mountain. You and your animal begin to make your way back through the dark passage until you see the the light getting brighter and brighter.

When you emerge out of the cave and start on the path back home… you begin to remember everything about your journey… reflecting back on all the details.

You feel more alive, balanced, and a greater sense of gratitude for your life.

Ahead you see your home and as you open the door you begin to come back into your body. Take your time returning… wiggle your fingers and your toes… remembering your journey as you come back safely to this time and space. Slowly open your eyes and when you are ready… Journal about your experience.