Soul Retrieval ~ A Trauma Release Technique


Soul retrieval is based on the concept that we are creating our own reality. Once we can fully accept that and we take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, then we will begin to walk in a  world free from victimhood.

What is Soul Retrieval? Soul retrieval is the process of taking your power back from something, someone or some situation. It is a trauma release technique that can assist an individual in healing past trauma or negative beliefs. A soul retrieval happens when the lost part of the soul returns safely and completely back into the body and integrity are restored. This can be done with the help of an experienced facilitator who can walk between worlds and works with the helping spirits.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

  • Blocked memory
  • Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern)
  • Emotionally unavailable or withdrawn
  • Cannot receive or give love
  • Lack of motivation to live life or suicidal thoughts
  • Addictions
  • Clinical depression
  • Attachment
  • PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Feeling Guilt or shame
  • Lack of purpose
  • Prolonged grief
  • Anger and hatred
  • Negative beliefs (Example: everybody lies, people are stupid or i’m not good enough)

What causes soul loss? Soul loss occurs when there is a loss of personal power. This usually happens involuntarily and as a result damages the soul by the negative influence. Essentially, the soul will recognize when something traumatic is about to happen and it will leave the body in order to protect itself and maintain its integrity and it may not be able to return safely back into the body. Situations that may cause soul loss include:

  • Trauma
  • Prolonged Stress
  • An accident
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Extreme fear
  • Negative influence

If soul loss is left unresolved for long periods of time it can create very serious emotional, spiritual, mental and physical problems including severe panic attacks, illness and disease.

The Solution: Retrieve the parts of the soul that left during the traumatic experience, and welcome it safely back into the body. This is done through a soul retrieval. In many cases, a soul retrieval can be very successful with only one session. Depending on how long the situation has been left unresolved will determine how far it has spiraled out of control and into the many areas of one’s life. Like the ripple effect, when you throw a stone into the middle of a pond it will create many ripples that move outward. Eventually, when no stones are thrown, the pond will become still again. Soul loss is comparable to someone that keeps throwing stones into the pond, not allowing the pond to calm, creating chaos in one’s life. A soul retrieval will identify where the rock originally came from and correct it from that point. Then you can experience that peaceful stillness and balance once again in your life

The Soul Retrieval Process: Create a safe environment for you and your client whether it’s indoors or out in nature. Have all of the tools you will use ready and easily available (drum, rattles, sage, medicine cards, etc). Take a few minutes to get to know your client and build rapport. Even if you know them and have had previous sessions, this part of the process is very important. It allows them to empty their mind of all the activities of their day so far. It also allows them to get anything off of their chest before going into the session so they can become relaxed and calm.

You can intuitively recognize the moment they begin to feel more relaxed. This is your opportunity to ask a few final questions before you begin the session.

  • Ask them if they have anything else they want to get off their chest before you begin the session.
  • Ask them if they have any questions before you begin.

By asking these two questions, you build trust and you are making it clear that you are about to actually begin the session.


This is where I will pull a card from one of my Native Spirit decks or the animal cards. It always helps me to get more insight before the session.

Have your client get into a comfortable position, usually laying down is best because sitting up takes effort and you want them to be as relaxed as possible. Have them close their eyes and let them know they will remain in complete control for the session and that they are safe.

Start by smudging and clearing the energy…

Ask them if they would like to call in a power animal to be with them for the session. And of course, they always do.

Then I usually shake a rattle over them as an extra form of clearing, this will also help to remove any form of distraction. When doing this work I have found that people will unknowingly create distractions so they don’t have to face the situation again.

Next, I will drum over them for about five to ten minutes or so.

Now, while they are completely relaxed and in somewhat of an altered state of consciousness, I will begin the eight-step process.


  1. Identify the problem

Ask your client to describe what their problem is to you. What triggers them?

  1. List any physical and emotional symptoms

Ask your client to explain any physical or emotional symptoms that they are experiencing even if they don’t think the problem is related.

  1. Pinpoint when the problem started

Ask your client if they can remember when they first noticed the problem starting. Then ask them if they can remember when they first started noticing the symptoms. How old were they? Is that the very first time they can recall?

  1. Identify the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional connection

This is where you and your client will begin to see how all of these things are related. You can use the spiritual diagnosis list if you need a reference, but it’s not always accurate. It’s meant to only be a guide. Learning to trust your intuition is most important.

  1. Spiritually diagnose the problem

At this point, they should be able to clearly recognize and identify the spiritual root cause of the problem. This is the moment they gave their power away. Have them tell you who or what they gave their power away too. Here, they may also describe the story to you. This can be emotional for them so make sure to hold a very safe space. It’s important for them to actually go through the experience again in their mind and feel the emotion.

Ask them now, if they are ready to take their power back from it.

  1. Find a solution and conduct appropriate healing methods, tools and exercises

Now you can begin the soul retrieval process to take their power back from the person or situation…

Now ask your client where they feel the pain or emotion in their body. Ask them to go with their power animal to that place in their body and describe to you:

  • What does it look like?
  • Why is it there?
  • What is it there to teach you?

Usually, these three questions will uncover what you need to know to do the soul retrieval. If your client gets stuck or says I don’t know, then either they are not relaxed enough or you can just reword the questions. The goal is to have the problem reveal why it is there.

Once your client receives clear information and messages from the problem, make sure to have your client thank it for being so open and willing to share this information with you so easily.

Have your client say this out loud (repeat after you) to the person or situation:

  • Thank you for everything you have done for me. I know you were just doing exactly what I asked you to do before I came into this body.
  • I take responsibility for creating you and this situation to teach me a valuable lesson.
  • I now forgive and release you from the emotional bond that I was holding onto. By holding onto anger, resentment, etc it keeps them stuck in the spiritual contract and it holds you, hostage, until you finally release any and all emotion associated with it.
  • I now fully and completely feel my power returning to my body from this person or situation. Take as much time as you need and let me know when you have fully taken back your power and it fully returns to your body.
  • Once they let you know they are complete then have them describe to you what the lesson was and how does it apply to their lives. have them tell you a new story. Rewrite the old story.
  • now have them take a few deep breaths and feel what it feels like to be whole and complete again and to tell the new story.
  • Have them thank their power animal for staying with them and that they can now be released back into nature.
  • Now slowly and gently have them open their eyes and sit up, returning fully back into their body and coming back to this time and space.

Inner Child Work

Sometimes you will have a better outcome if you can get your client to travel back in time and go talk to themselves at exactly the same time the event happened. Let them know you are there for them and that they are safe. Get them to trust you and ask them if they are willing to come with you on a journey that will help them return home. Do whatever you have to to get them to come with you.

At this moment you can also create it to be a scene in a movie. Become the observer. Stop the movie and in a three dimensional way look at everything around you, even look at the adult you standing there. Now look at your younger self and talk to them. Let them know what is happening and what they need to do right now in the situation. In a very loving and compassionate way, make sure they fully understand the situation then recreate the story to find a peaceful resolution. Do whatever you have to do to make your younger self feel empowered. The goal is to have them fully detach from any emotion that they had toward the person or situation.

Then the final step is to ask your younger self to come with you as you are now in the future and return back into your body. Let them know you need them to come home so you can live a full and complete life with them. (Sometimes people actually can feel this in their body when that lost part of them returns)

  1. Create an action plan for continued healing if needed

This can be whatever the client feels like they need to do to continue the healing process. It could be anything including affirmations, or continued sessions. One situation can lead to another and you may begin to uncover several layers of trauma in each session.

  1. Follow-up and review results

Schedule a follow-up to check in with your client. This is one of the most important steps in completing a successful soul retrieval. This is usually done between each session.

*This is only a guideline. You can change it to however you see fit. Keep in mind, that this is really just a guided imagery and to know if your client needs to seek professional help.


  1. Your sister is always bullying you and you really wanted to fight back but you didn’t. By shutting down and not speaking up, you gave your power away to her. Now you create others to bully you into your adulthood.
  2. Your biological father left your mother when she was pregnant with you. Your mother was overwhelmed with feelings of being rejected. The DNA memories passed to you and you were born feeling rejected. As an adult, you create people and situations where you are rejected over and over again. You turn to alcohol to numb the feeling and to ultimately reject yourself.
  3. You develop an autoimmune disorder as an adult because when you were little, you never got the attention you needed from your mother.
  4. You always attract partners who represent your mother or your father. They are just there to help you heal some part of your past that wasn’t resolved when you were young.
  5. You were in an auto accident and saw someone gets hurt really bad. Now you have a fear of driving or being a passenger in a vehicle.
  6. In an extreme case, you were sexually abused as a child and because of that you were a loner in school and didn’t trust anyone anymore. You became angry. As an adult, the anger turned into a liver problem and you are still not in a loving relationship.